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Nature's Crusaders creating a better world

Nature's Crusaders

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world: indeed it’s the only thing that ever has!”

– Margaret Meade

“Our task must be to free ourselves widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.” – Albert Einstein

“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.”- the Beatles

For all your work to help our planet

Thanks so much for all your time energy and service to help        Image

our people, wildlife, plants, earth and environment.

I know you work way to hard.

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Help save our water


Help save our waterways.

Help save our waterways.

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*** Please use the above link to access the list of the Conference Committee members responsible for finalizing the FARRM bill. Please contact as many members as possible before the end of January.

The current FARRM Bill does not make any attempt to conserve water. It does virtually nothing to address water conservation issues. We are seeking to add two sentences, which will enable US agriculture processing facilities to save over 20 Billion Gallons of Water a Year at NO COST TO GOVERNMENT. This would be the most water savings in any industry in the US. In the past 10 years.

Please ADD These 2 Sentences:
Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Secretary of Agriculture shall require the use of water saving devices for hand washing stations and bathroom faucets at animal processing facilities inspected by USDA. Such devices shall automatically shut-off the water flow when hands are moved out of the water stream and shall be proven to reduce cross-contamination caused by touching faucet handles.

Our position is that the water that is wasted by the processing plants wastes belongs to the community. The water came directly from community owned source and drought threatens their water supply. We demand that processing plants take immediate action to reduce the amount of water they waste.

Thank you.

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One man’s quest to save the African lions

On a game reserve in African one man saved to cubs that were abandoned and left to drown by their mother. He shares his insights on lion and hyena life. He has been “adopted” into their families. Beautiful film. Thanks Karen for sharing.

Halloween beauty

Halloween beauty

There are some very dramatically stunning plants decked out for Halloween.

“Help the LadyBugs”

Help save the vanishing lady bugs.

Great project for kids of all ages.

Join today  @

Thanks to YouTube and the  Lost Lady Bug Project.

“Wind in my ship not sail”

A Norwegian firm has unveiled plans for a radical new cargo ship with a hull so large it acts as a sail. The Vindskip, designed by Lade AS, uses a hull designed to act as a giant airfoil


The makers of the wind-powered hybrid merchant ship say that while engines are still needed, their design could achieve fuel savings of 60 per cent while reducing emissions by 80 per cent.

Special software will monitor the wind conditions and calculate the best route for the ship.

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USDA not helping wildlife

“Wyoming Wolves Untrapped shared Wolfwatcher‘s photo.
@NYTimes Editorial Board blasts USDA’s Wildlife Services as a “Misnamed Agency” –

“Its official mission, according to its Web site, is “to resolve wildlife conflicts to allow people and wildlife to coexist.” This has…See More

The Science of Super heros- Spiderman

Understanding what it would take for you to become the next Spiderman.

Sustainable honey -how sweet it is

Team WCS is in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, working with the Wildlife Conservation Society to help promote conservation through beekeeping initiatives.

Many rural villages, located along the borders of Mt. Rungwe Nature Reserve, had previously earned income by exploiting the resources of the reserve (timber, in particular). By helping these villages create a sustainable honey production business, WCS hopes to provide an alternate source of income for the beekeepers and promote conservation of the nature reserve.

This is where the Haas IBD team comes in: evaluating the current honey operations and helping WCS create a sustainable business model.

Want to learn more about this amazing project?

Save the lions! urgent

I usually do not print political things, but this needs everyone’s attention and support

Within hours, Tanzania‘s President Kikwete could start evicting tens of thousands of the Maasai from our land so hunters can come and kill leopards and lions. Last time Avaaz raised the alarm, the President shelved the plan. Global pressure can stop him again. Click to help us urgently:

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