Recycle Your Shower Water

Only 2 % of the water on our planet is drinkable. that means everyone needs to put a bucket in their shower and collect it. Use it to water your plants and if it doesn’t have lots of shampoo/ rinses and gels in it.

Another way to save water is to take the shower or bath water and use it to wash your family’s clothes.

If you are washing the family car, use a bucket and soft cloth. Only turn the hose on to fill or rinse out the bucket.

– Mother Nature


Teach Children to Save the Planet through Wonder

Listen when your children get excited about how an animal, tree or our planet is being treated. Look up exciting information about these lovely critters and plants together. If they have questions of WHY is this happening, search out the answers together. This lets them know you are willing to work with them to learn ways to help solve bigger problems and find solutions together. Look with wonder and at every little thing awe.

– Mother Nature

Kids helping save our earth

With all of the changes going on nd the tug of war happening in the political arena about whether there is money, time or resources to save our planet -our kids are leading the way. Children or recycling, becoming involved in environmental groups and starting their own unique projects to help everyone to create a better world.All are welcome to share stories of how children are saving the planet.

Thanks for your wonder help kids! Please get more and more kids helping. Let me know how you are helping.

– Mother Nature