Canada’s Ancient Forest Must Be Protected

One of the world’s largest intact forest ecosystems — the breeding grounds for many of the world’s warblers, ducks and other migratory birds — is in big trouble.

Canada’s boreal forest spans more than 1.4 billion acres and provides vital breeding habitat for many of the world’s birds — including nearly 40% of North America’s ducks, geese, and swans.

Each year, more than 300 species of birds, including bufflehead ducks, boreal chickadees, Cape May warblers, sparrows and more, spend time in this special place. In fact, the boreal is so important to so many birds that it is sometimes called North America’s bird nursery and sanctuary.

Lynx, grizzlies and wolves also make their home in the boreal forest. And it is one of the world’s largest “carbon reservoirs,” trapping carbon that might otherwise contribute to global warming.
Please protect this these ancient forests– and the wildlife must survive — from the threat of destructive development, Defenders of Wildlife has joined with the Save Our Boreal Birds Campaign and conservation groups from around the world.

Will you join the fight?
Speak out for migratory birds and other wildlife. Sign the boreal forests petition today.

Please forward this message to all environmental and bird and wildlife lovers everywhere and encourage them to get involved so Defenders of Wildlife consortium can reach our 35,000 signature goal before June 1!

Please sign our petition and urge the Canadian government to protect this special place.”

Go to to sign the petition

– Mother Nature


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