Grow Food for Your Family and Neighbors

Provide Food Security for All
Target: U.S. Congress
Sponsored by: Catholic Relief Services

“The rising cost of grains like wheat, corn and rise has skyrocketed in less than a year. Rice, the staple food for 3 billion people, has tripled in cost in the last 18 months. If immediate needs are not met, and if resources and policies supporting increased agricultural production are not put in place soon, hunger across the globe could happen soon rather than latter.!

We must find immediate and long-term solutions so that more prices increases are averted. A first step is making sure that emergency help is provided in the U.S. 2008 Supplemental Appropriations bill and that money is also set aside for development programs to avert future food emergencies. Please take action today!
Tell a friend Get your clubs, classmates to reach the goal: 10,000 signatures”

Care 2 Petition

Lets get large summer organic gardens growing. Kids help prepare the soil and grow extra to share with a less fortunate neighbor or friend. You can also can some for the fall, learn what foods can be dehydrated and put those away to help cut food costs for the winter. Kids encourage your school to start a garden as well.

If you need ideas on any aspect of gardening let me know.

We’ll post some contacts on the web and in your area.

– Mother Nature


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