Honey Bees Wanted

Come back in our gardens we need you.

To encourage bee activity in your garden this summer, plant lots of red and yellow flowers and vegetables so you can reduce your carbon foot print and feed the bees, their colony and yourselves. It is a win- win for Mother Nature and your home. Remember to plant without chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Talk to the bees and invite them back to your garden. When they come, respect them and watch them from a distance. Remember they do not want to sting you. Stinging is a defense reaction. They are only protecting themselves.
Watch how they work! Look at how much pollen and nectar, the liquid they suck up through their proboscis from the center of the flower. They can fly at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. They are up flying to the flowers when the sun comes out if the air has warmed enough, They must be home before dark, just like you children.

We’ll be giving more bee facts soon.

Tell us what you know about bees and what you are doing to protect our best pollinators.
– Mother Nature

Nature’s Crusaders Bees n Tees Student Designer Contest begins July 30, 2008 about 6PM.


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