Massive bee deaths can be on the rise act now

from The Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS), UC Santa Cruz

“In light of the mounting evidence that new seed chemical coatings are deadly to bees and the action of Germany to call for an immediate suspension of these seed treatments, the Sierra Club today reaffirmed its call for a U.S. moratorium on specific chemical treatments to protect our bees and crops, until more study can be done.

Recently Germany’s federal agricultural research institute noted, “It can unequivocally be concluded that poisoning of the bees is due to the rub-off of the pesticide ingredient clothianidin from corn seeds.”

At issue are the neonicotinoids, including clothianidin, being used in a new way – as seed coatings.

For years, farmers have been spraying neonicotinoids onto their crops to stop insect infestation. Now Bayer and Monsanto have acquired patents to coat their proprietary corn seeds with these neonicotinoids.

“Part of the equation in the U.S. is genetically engineered corn, as more and more corn seeds are being gene spliced with a completely different species – a bacteria,” said Walter Haefeker, of the German Beekeepers Association Board of Directors. “Bayer and Monsanto recently entered into agreements to manufacture neonicotinic-coated genetically engineered corn. It’s likely that this will worsen the bee die-off problem.”

David Hackenburg, former president of the American Beekeeping Federation, has been urging the U.S. Department of Agriculture to do more study. “Look at what’s time based. The massive bee decimation started when regulatory agencies rubber stamped the use of neonicotinoid spraying and coating,” he said.

“Sierra Club joins the concern of beekeepers,” said Laurel Hopwood, Sierra Club Genetic Engineering Committee Chair. “It’s unfortunate that regulatory agencies are using double speak. They claim to protect our food supply – yet they aren’t doing the proper studies. The loss of honeybees will leave a huge void in the kitchens of the American people and an estimated loss of 14 billion dollars to farmers. We expect the U.S.D.A. to do their job. We call for a precautionary moratorium on these powerful crop treatments to protect our bees and our food.”

Contact: Laurel Hopwood, Sierra Club 216-371-9779″

Mother Nature says “The DNA from GMO corn/soy/rape pollen cross pollinating organic crops and the sugar water solution that is given to the bees as “food” is made from GMO sugar both can effect the digestive and nervous systems of bees. These chemicals cause the bees to lose their neural navigation feedback system that operates between the brain and extremities so they cannot get either proper nutrition or neural messaging to be able to orient in space and return to their hive.
Buy only organic corn and corn products and please donate to Narure’s Crusaders Save the Bee Fund.
You can make a difference one person at a time.

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