Honey bees need a good breakfast too.

“The natural diet of the adult honey bee is pollen and honey. When nectar is not available, bees collect sweet-tasting juices from overripe fruit and plant exudates. Some insects secrete honeydew, which bees may collect and store as honey.

When no pollen is available, bees may collect powdery animal feed or spores from plants and store this material as they would pollen. This is not quality nutrient rich sustainable feed for brood rearing and is a poor substitute for pollen.”

The breakfast of champions for the honey bee includes:

1. proteins (amino acids)

2. carbohydrates (sugars)

3. lipids (fatty acids, sterols)

4. vitamins

5. minerals (salts)

6. water

– Mother Nature says “The bees need the same nutrients to grow healthy aand strong that we do.”

The nutrients must be in the diet in a definite qualitative and quantitative ratio for optimum nutrition.
Excerpted from “Honey Bee Nutrition And Supplemental Feeding” By: L.N. Standifer 1(From Beekeeping in the United States)


Bees are at the heart of our environmental crisis.
Strengthening the bees’ health
For a healthier and greener environment.

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