Keeping bees healthy

Help the pollinators stay health by planting native wildflowers with more nutritious pollen and nectar. You can also make selections from old “heirloom” varieties such as Cosmos, black-eyed Susans, rosemary, beebalm, lavender, lupines, basils, mints, other herbs and roses.
To keep bees healthy and around to pollinate another day

Bee on basil plant

Bee on basil plant

  • Grow flowers that bloom through the season.
  • Bees need hiding places that are safe from predators and to locate and court a mate or establish their nests. They need places safe from parasites and chemical insecticides.
  • Bees need a source for clean water too.
  • Collect or purchase beneficial insects such as ladybird beetles, green lacewings or praying mantis and a few spiders and their webs.

Plant with organic sustainable farming and gardening practices

Buy organic safe produce at the supermarket.

If you must use a pesticide try the least toxic one, follow directions carefully and apply sparingly,


If you poison your bees and they continue to die, you will have less and less foods for your table.

Help the bees thrive donate today.

Bees are at the heart of our environmental crisis.
Strengthening the bees’ health
For a healthier and greener environment.

Join us in helping solve the bee crisis.


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