Blood suckers -Varroa mite

The Varroa mite moves quietly into the resting baby bees’ chambers and pierces through the abdominal wall and into the vein of the helpless pupae and sucks its blood meal. Great for the mite very bad for the developing young bees.

The mites in thanks for their bountiful meal leave behind viral and bacterial infections. The show does not end there. The mother mite and her young return to their new picnic sites repeatedly to enjoy more dining.

Now regular beekeepers seem to be at somewhat of a loss to stop this critter so they pesticide, fungicide and feed the colony antibiotics regularly trying in vain to curb this menacing villian. The only results to date have been to the mites. They are getting stronger on all the chemicals and the bees are vanishing.

What is a beekeeper to do?

Organic beekeeping

Help us save the bees. Put your talents and resources to work for the bees.

Please donate what you feel the bees contribute to your life.


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