More gorillas in the mist but not in Asia

In the Congo Basin rain forest more lowland gorillas have been found alive and well.

This doubles the number of this species known.

is vast, it is huge, it’s second only to the Amazon. And it’s impenetrable.”
A census by the Wildlife Conservation Society raised the estimate for gorillas in the Congo jungle from between 50,000 and 100,000 to around 200,000, substantially changing the picture of a great ape population thought devastated by the Ebola virus, hunting and deforestation.

“Gorillas are in present danger from man and Ebola. Many lesser known primates are in deepening peril.
A report released Tuesday by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and other groups warned that nearly half of the world’s 634 species and subspecies of primates are threatened with extinction due to human activity.”

Numbers of apes in Asia, where more than 70 percent of primates were on the “Red List” of vulnerable or endangered species. There are so many apes and other animals on the brink of extinction.
The highland gibbon has only 19 known individuals. This Asian primate will be hard to save from extinction.

Man has destroyed these primate populations through over hunting and habitat destruction with the growing biofuel and pam oil industries.

Asked how such a huge population of gorillas could go unnoticed by scientists, Miller said: “We’re talking about the Congo Basin rainforest here. It is vast, it is huge, it’s second only to the Amazon. And it’s impenetrable.” – quoted from BEN McCONVILLE, Associated Press Writer;_ylt=ArTMHhrCkv0RHkQRcOc2vSIPLBI

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