The Bee Master- an Aesop’s Fable

“Aesop’s Fable :-The Bee Master
A thief came into a bee garden one day during the absence of the master, and robbed the hives. The owner soon after returned, and stood pausing, perplexed at how this theft had been effected. The bees, meantime, came home, laden from the fields, and, missing their combs, flew in angry swarms upon their master. “You are a company of senseless, ungrateful creatures,” the master said, “to let a stranger, who has rifled your hives, go away unscathed then vent all your rage on your master who is at this instant studying how he may repair your injuries and preserve you.”

MORAL – People too often mistake their friends for their foes.”

What is a “BeeMaster ?

YOU CAN HELP SAVE THE BEES. Please Donate today for a healthier tomorrow!

Bees are at the heart of our environmental crisis.
Strengthening the bees’ health
For a healthier and greener environment.


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