No pizza without bees

NRDC Sues to Get Public Records on Pesticides

WASHINGTON – August 18 – The Natural Resources Defense Council filed a
lawsuit today to uncover critical information that the US government
is withholding about the risks posed by pesticides to honey bees. NRDC
legal experts and a leading bee researcher are convinced that the US
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has evidence of connections
between pesticides and the mysterious honey bee die-offs reported
across the country.

EPA has failed to respond to NRDC’s Freedom of Information Act request
for agency records concerning the toxicity of pesticides to bees,
forcing the legal action.

In 2003, EPA granted a registration to a new pesticide manufactured by
Bayer Crop Science under the condition that Bayer submit studies about
its product’s impact on bees. EPA has refused to disclose the results
of these studies, or if the studies have even been submitted. This pesticide
was banned in Germany ans France …
In recent Congressional hearings, USDA was unable to account for the $20 million that Congress has allocated to the department for fighting CCD in the last two years.

“Dr. Gabriela Chavarria, director of NRDC’s Science Center. “EPA needs to help shed some light so that researchers can get to work on this problem. This isn’t just an issue for farmers — this is an issue that concerns us all.

Just try to imagine a pizza without the contribution of bees! No tomatoes.
No cheese. No peppers. If you eat apples, cucumbers, broccoli, onions, squash, carrots, avocados, or cherries, you need to be concerned.”

Chavarria has spent more than 20 years studying bees, and has published a number of academic papers on the taxonomy, behavior and distribution of native bees.

NRDC filed the lawsuit today in federal court in Washington DC. In documents to be filed next month, NRDC will ask for a court order directing EPA to disclose its information about pesticides and bee
toxicity.” Excerpted from: Laurel Hopwood “Bee Culture, The Magazine Of American Beekeeping ”

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