Brit. Honey decreasing

Honeybee Deaths Reaching Crisis Point Threatening Fruit and Vegetable Pollination

“1 in 3 of UK’s honeybees did not survive winter and spring

The Honey Association warned last month that English honey will run out by Christmas and no more will be available until summer 2009. It blames the shortage on fewer honeybees and farmers devoting more fields to wheat, which has soared in price but does not produce nectar.

The UK’s leading honey company is so concerned by the crisis that it has pledged to donate money to honeybee research. From next month, for each jar of Rowse English honey sold in supermarkets 10p will be donated to a fund dedicated to improving the health of the nation’s honeybees.”

By Alison Benjamin The Guardian, UK, August 12, 2008

These environmentally friendly T shirts will be sold to raise awareness and funds to aid honey bee research and education. The beauty of the shirt and the unique artistic designs will make wonder gifts.

Please donate today to save the bees fund.


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