Bears verses Brits. Help the bears win.

Military chiefs are to meet with an animal rights group on Tuesday in London, England to discuss alternatives to the traditional bearskin hats famously worn by the guards at Buckingham Palace.
PETA ( Ethical Treatment of Animals) will discuss fake fur options with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) officials for the 18-inch (46-centimetre) tall fur hats worn by army guards.

Now Peta has come up with an alternative shape, but insists its design could be as famous as the traditional hats.

“We can still have very regal-looking guards who look fantastic,” said Peta’s Europe director Robbie LeBlanc.

The hats were made using fur from Canadian black bears.

It takes one bear to make a hat!

“Fur farming has been outlawed in Britain but we are paying other people with taxpayers’ money. “We think we are a modern nation but the queen’s guards are walking round with an entire dead bear on their heads.”

Changing of the guard: Talks over bearskin hats Aug 31.2008
Mother Nature says Go PETA!

Everyone write London encouraging them to drop the Canadian black bear on their hats.


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