Firewood use only dried help save native trees

Did you know that by transporting firewood you may unintentionally spread invasive insects and diseases that can destroy trees and reshape entire forests? State and federal quarantines attempt to prevent such damage by prohibiting firewood transport into or out of certain areas, or limiting transport to a specified radius.
Below is a list of some troublesome nonnative insect pests that can reak havoc in our forests if these critters get loose from unprocessed/green lumber or imported firewood:
• The emerald ash borer an Asian beetle that kills American ash trees within one to four years of infestation.

• The Asian longhorned beetle, whose larvae kill mature trees by feeding on the heartwood and inhibiting the trees’ vascular system.

• A wood boring wasp Sirex noctilio, kills pine trees by injecting a fungus into the wood to feed its larvae.

•A fungus Phytophthora ramorum causes Sudden Oak Death has affected several tree species in California and Oregon.

Going Camping? Don’t Bring Firewood August 2008;_ylt=AojFc3qib5I6wW8p9aLFdINjk70X?mid=1_1529_AEJkxEIAAKTWSKrmmgBUGE2AkPY&fid=Inbox&sort=date&order=down&startMid=0&.rand=1623384743&da=0


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