Helping kids survive hurricane/tornado

Create a family plan before emergencies strike.

Have children help you get emergency supplies ready.

Teach kids to think and act calmly from the time they are very small.

Plan with the family where your animals will be kept.

Have an agreed upon meeting site and make certain everyone knows that everyone must go there.

Have practiced ways to stay in touch with each other before the emergency -cell phones charged, computer, back up batteries for home and office.

Keep informed about weather changes and let the children know if they will be going to school or staying close by if the weather is getting severe.

**Talk often with your children in good times about what to do and play act how to do it including going to the meeting zone and having the family help you check all the items in the emergency kit on a semiannual basis.

Talk about different emergency and have the kchildren tell you what to do and how to do it.

Check with your children’s school to learn about the school emergency plans and readiness.

Make certain you have enough dehydrated food and milk, water and blankets, flashlights, batteries and battery operated or crank operated radio. Keep waterproof matches and some type of thermo cooking device so when you can emerge you can cook some hot simple food and warm water for cleaning and bathing.

There are excellent free down loadable games and activities you can put aside into a family activity kit for your shelter.


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