Kids at risk- fire retardant material

Keeping Fire Retardants Out of Your Kids

“We just finished the first investigation of toxic fire retardants (called Deca) in parents and their children, and we found toddlers had 3 times the levels of Deca in their blood as their mothers.
That means young children in the U.S. bear the heaviest burden of flame retardant pollution in the world. Deca is a neurological and hormone distrupter, and children are more susceptible to its effects than adults.
What’s a parent to do? Take these steps to protect your family:
1 Inspect foam items and replace any with ripped covers or misshapen/breaking-down foam
2 Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter
3 Don’t reupholster foam furniture in homes where children or pregnant women live.”,1_1052697_AEElvs4AAFbnSNJbFg5djHTJzmk,1_1051869_AEAlvs4AAIySSNIgqQCEWkDscHc,1_1051260_AD8lvs4AAXB5SNG7xwOn7hb%2BeeQ,1_1049252_AEclvs4AAEAUSNFcNQs75UGmlDw,1_1047638_AD4lvs4AACRPSNFR1QxHGhfXUc8,1_1046502_AD8lvs4AAMolSNE5KA3duUae9OI,


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