Honey bees better odors receptors

Part of the European honey bees brain is much larger than their African worker honey bees. The mushroom bodies was significantly larger in the European workers allowing the Euros to smell a wider variety of odors quicker and remember it. “More African workers than Europeans did not learn to associate odor with a nectar reward and this might be partially because of the differences in sizes of the mushroom bodies. In the European workers, those that were sampled in the hive and did not have foraging experience responded to odor and reward at the same frequency as foragers. However, African foragers required more exposure to odor being followed by reward before their respond levels were comparable to house bees or to European bees. In the field, the differences between European and Africans in their response to odor might lead Africans to collect nectar from more frequently rewarding plants and translate into increased foraging efficiency.
Brains and brain components in African and European honey bees -Degrandi-Hoffman, Gloria et all.

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