Mother Nature’s Tears

Everything is part of me. Part of my heart.
All are my children.
You need each other for our family of life and love to be complete.
I can go on without you, but you cannot exist without me.
Help me to love and care for all life.
Let wars, greed, poverty be banished from your thoughts, they bring suffering and more tears.

Look around you I love and take care of you through my trees, bees, oceans, lands, clean air,
my animal, fungi, bacteria.
Please You, the youngest of my children, embrace each other and the rest of your brothers and sisters with respect.
Walk gently on my lands
Live in peace and harmony with yourself and the rest of our living family.

Eat, play and live

More naturally, honestly with awe and gratitude for all the rest of your family shares freely with you.

May our days ahead be filled with exploring not exploiting, loving not poisoning, protecting not eliminating and living and creating a harmonious world.
Copyrighted M.Wolken 2008.


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