Climate -Endangered species, forests and financess

We can cool our world down again.

We can cool our world down again.

” If the United States focused on curbing climate change as soon as a new president took office — or sooner — it could help pull the world from the financial brink, environmental policy experts told Reuters.

“Skyrocketing energy prices and the financial crisis have been a wake-up call that something’s got to change,” said Cathy Zoi, chief executive officer of the Alliance for Climate Protection, which is chaired by former Vice President Al Gore.

“My very strong belief is that we need to reorient our investments toward this transition to a clean energy economy, and it will be the engine of growth for getting us out of the doldrums that we’ve gotten in right now,” Zoi told the Reuters Global Environment Summit this week.

The reorientation must include U.S. limits on emissions of climate-warming carbon in the United States, she said: “Unless we take action at home, we’re not going to be able to have much influence in the international arena about what gets done.”

U.S. focus on climate could ease financial crisis – D. Zabarenko, Enviromental Correspondent Oct 10, 2’08

Global warming by night – check this out and turn off the lights.



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