Kirtland’s Warbler on Red List but improving

Kirtland's Warbler


Two Thumbs Up! – Mother Nature

Kirtland’s Warbler, Dendroica kirtlandii,  is a species is coming back with the help of scientists and nature groups. It is Red Listed. This species has very specific breeding habitat requirements, which restricts its breeding range to a small area in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, United States. Since the mid-19th century at last it has become a restricted-range endemic species. Almost the entire population spends the summer between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron and winters on the Bahamas.

Between 1961 and 1971, counts of singing male warblers declined by over 50%, and this prompted a suite of conservation measures to be put in place to stabilize the population.

As a result of these conservation measures, the breeding population of Kirtland’s Warbler more than tripled between 1990 and 2000.

Previously listed as Vulnerable on the Red List, this species was downlisted to Near Threatened in 2004. Population numbers have continued to increase since then, but as its population and breeding range are still small, it remains in the Near Threatened category in 2008.

Listen to this beautiful Kirtland’s warbler s song,’s%20Warbler%20&title=&relevanttopicid=0


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