Nuclear steam power cooks fish

Needlessly billions of fish and fish eggs are sucked into the churning volumes of water,then beat against the sides of pipes and cooked by steam, the small fry of the aquatic world are being sacrificed in large numbers each year to the cooling systems of power plants around the country.

These nuclear power plants are needlessly killing fish and fish eggs with their cooling systems, but energy-industry officials say opponents of nuclear power are exaggerating the losses.

For many fish species, it takes thousands of eggs to produce one adult fish. The U.S. Environmental Protection Administration says that if these killed eggs and fingerlings were allowed to mature would equal  1.5 billion  more fish per year.

Environmentalists note that even fish that die before maturity contribute to the ecosystem as food for larger fish and birds, and as predators themselves on smaller organisms. But once they’ve gone through the power plant, they become compost and not as valuable to the food chain.

Billions of fish, fish eggs die in power plants – JIM FITZGERALD, A P        10-18-08;_ylt=AvLnyn_5xfUThIMD8OHhgPGs0NUE

Image courtesy of Wikepedia


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