Palm oil + biofuel how bad a good thing can be

Palm oil + biofuel how bad a good thing can be

Orangutans are literally dying. The partially hydrogenated palm oil that is used in all processed foods and for biofuel is causing destruction of rain forest and the rapid decline of the people, animals and plants that are dependent on it. The orangutans one of our closest animal cousins is a victim dying brutally often for margarine, shortening, baked goods, and candies.

Thanks in part to a palm oil trade propped up by indifferent corporations and authoritarian regimes, the rainforest habitats of the last remaining Sumatran orangutans, tigers, and rhinoceroses are being destroyed.

Keebler, Oreo, Mrs. Fields, Pepperidge Farm and other companies both in the US and around the world use palm oil in some of their cookies, crackers, pastries, cereals, and microwave popcorn. So through the graft and corrupted industry giants in Sumatra, this industry kills the environment. Then when this unhealthy partially hydrogenated oil is used for baking it promotes heart disease and the slow rise in our internal killing field continues.

Tell Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott to enact a corporate policy on palm oil that would help protect the lives of humans and orangutans alike. Take action now!

Protect yourself and your family stop buying palm oil products!

Use heart and environmentally protective oils liquid oils as olive, and canola it will help protect your health and the following threatened animals: the Sumatran tiger, Sumatran and Bornean orangutans, Asian elephant, and Sumatran rhinoceros.

Oil palm plantations, along with logging, fires, and other factors, destroy rainforest habitat, hinder migration patterns, and block travel corridors. Roads and plantations fragment the rainforest, facilitate encroaching settlements, and make animals accessible to illegal hunting and poaching. If they enter plantations while searching for food outside the rainforest, animals may be killed by workers. They are also at risk when plantation companies set forest fires to clear land for oil palm; some fires burn out of control, demolishing much larger areas than anticipated.

Plantations also pollute the soil and water with pesticides and untreated palm oil-mill effluent, cause soil erosion and increased sedimentation in rivers, and cause air pollution due to forest fires.

The demand for palm oil is forecast to double by 2020. To achieve that production increase, 1,160 new square miles will have to be planted every year for 20 years. Indonesia has 26,300 square miles more forest land officially allocated for new oil palm plantations; Malaysia has almost 3,000 square miles more. The expected thousands of square miles of new plantings on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo could kill off the remaining orangutans, rhinos, and tigers.


For every 2.5 billion pounds of palm oil used, 1,240 square miles of new oil palm plantations would be needed—an area that represents rainforest habitat for up to 65 Sumatran rhinos, 54 elephant families, 65 Sumatran tigers, and 2,500 orangutans.

You can help

Here are some suggested actions you can take to help protect the orangutan’s habitat.
• Write to your congressman and demand that they legislate to make Palm Oil labelling mandatory.
• Write to the Malaysian and Indonesian Embassies and ask them what they are doing to stop Palm Oil from destroying Orangutan habitat.
• Write to any food supplier that lists VEGETABLE OIL as an ingredient and ask them if they use Palm Oil. If so what are they doing to ensure that it doesn’ affect Orangutans habitat.

Please read these articles and stories that expose many of the problems with palm oil.
Download report on Palm Oil Issues


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