Endangered Lesser Long-nosed Bats ‘Halloween special’

Bat, lesser long-nosed (  Leptonycteris curasoae yerbabuenae)

Lesser Long-nosed Bats and other nectarivorous bats can be distinguished from insectivorous bats have large eyes, small ears, and long, nectar-licking tongues  Lesser Long-nosed Bats come in varying shades of brown, and some individuals have cinnamon-colored fur.
Lesser Long-nosed Bats are found here in southern Arizona in the spring, summer, and early fall, and they will spend the winter in Mexico. By late April the pregnantT females will arrive  will congregate in large numbers in their traditional maternity colonies in caves or old mines in order to give birth and raise their young. Each female gives birth to a single offspring.

Saguaro cacti bloom here in the Sonoran Desert in May and June, and the large, nectar-filled flowers of the Saguaro are a major food source for these nectarivorous bats. However, Lesser Long-nosed Bats are not strict nectarivores and will also eat the Saguaro fruits when they ripen.

Male Lesser Long-nosed Bats do not arrive here in Arizona until sometime in July, and by this time most of the females and young have already left the maternity colonies and are off feeding on Agave flowers at higher elevations.
emptied every night at this time of year, these hungry bats are the likely cause.

With their diet of liquid nectar, yellow pollen, and red cactus fruit, the watery, bright yellow or magenta guano that these nectar eating bats produce is quite unlike that of other bats, and it can be used as a distinctive sign of their presence, either in caves, mines, or under hummingbird feeders (move feeders off of patios during bat season if they are making a mess).

image and reference:http://fireflyforest.net/firefly/2007/02/26/lesser-long-nosed-bats/

Coloring book image: http://www.fun-with-pictures.com/bat-coloring-page.html



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