Fang tooth fish perfect image for Halloween

Saber or fang tooth fish

Saber or fang tooth fish

Anoplogaster brachycera, the fang toothed fish, is a mystery. This sabor tooth fish lives in the depths of the ocean trenches where light does not go and deeper than other fish. Its fang-like teeth and mask like face have given it a place of honor for our  Halloween animals for Nature’s Crusaders. They  may look big and, the fang tooths are actually quite small and harmless to humans: the larger of the two species, the common fangtooth, reaches a maximum length of just 16 centimetres (6 inches); the short horn fang tooth is about half this size.

The head is large with a huge jaw and appears haggard,  with many mucus cavities surrounded by serrated edges and covered by a thin skin. “The eyes are relatively small, set high on the head; the entire body is a dark brown to black and is strongly compressed laterally, deep anteriorly and progressively more slender towards the tail. The fins are small, simple, and spineless; the scales are embedded in the skin and take the form of thin plates. As compensation for reduced eyes, the lateral line is well-developed and appears as an open groove along the flanks.
In adults, the largest two fangs of the lower jaw are so long that the fangtooths have evolved a pair of opposing sockets on either side of the brain to accommodate the teeth when the mouth is closed. The Fangtooth has the largest teeth of any fish in the ocean, proportionate to body size.”

video of the fang tooth:


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