Endangered Spectral tarsiers-largest eyes shortest primate

The spectral tarsier has the largest eyes of any mammal. The eyes are so large in an adult tarsier that they are unable to rotate in their sockets. So the animal has to move his head to see when looking side to side or up and down. Their heads will turn a full 180 degrees.
The spectral tarsier, Tarsius spectrum , is the shortest primate in the world at only nine centimetres tall. In comparison to its body, it has the largest eyes of any mammal. In fact, its eyes are so big it cannot physically move them, and has to rotate its neck 180 degrees and even up to nearly 360 degrees.
Although timid, tiny and harmless looking, the tarsier is an extremely aggressive bug hunter, they will hunt, pounce on and devour insects over half the size of its own body

Tarsiers are intermediate between lemurs and monkeys.

Spectral tarsiers have short forelimbs and long hind-limbs for jumping. The tail is long to help them balance, and on the tips of their fingers the disk-like pads aid in gripping branches.

They live in the trees in the tropical forests of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Spectral tarsiers are nocturnal, although they often descend to the ground to hunt insects. They may live in pairs or small group that hunt and sleep together.,

The female carries her infant in her mouth, but leaves it on a branch while she is foraging.
Image courtesy of Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Spectral_Tarsier.jpg


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