Saving the endangered Beluga whale -you helped

The last 375 beluga whales of Alaska’s Cook Inlet are safe for now!

Thanks -Mother Nature

The National Marine Fisheries Service has finally put the Beluga– one of the smallest populations of marine mammals left on the planet on the endangered species list.
The commercialization and industrialization of Alaska’s most populated and fastest-growing waterway has nearly eliminated this beautiful gentle species.

Thanks to NRDC, the Nrdc Action Fund and over 118,000 online activists like you who swamped the Bush Administration demanding protection for the whales.

These messages accounted for some two-thirds of all 180,000 comments received! This outpouring of national pressure put the White House on notice that the American people expect swift action to save beluga whales from extinction.

But the Bush Administration still dragged its feet. So the NRDC and 10 other conservation groups filed suit and put a halt to the administration’s delays.

The beluga’s newly won protection will help scientists deal with the many dangers now facing the whales: oil and gas exploration, increased pollution, and plans for massive new projects that could endanger the whales’ survival.

You can support our ongoing campaign to save beluga whales by making an online donation at


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