Lizard orchid -flowers look like lizards smells like goat

The Lizard Orchid coming back then what?

Lizard Orchid is, one of Britain’s rarest plants and  endangered plants. Until bad golgers began slicing them in the rough about 20 years ago. Then there were a few hundred Lizard Orchids in Britain but now there are thousands. When the golfers brush thepollen on their pants, the dust-like seeds adhere to clothes, shoes and equipment by sticking to moisture, and are thus transferred by golfers to other areas, or even different course, miles away.

Now that the climate in Britain is warming, the plants with the golphers help  are quickly becoming a potential problem in certain areas.

The Lizard Orchid (Himantoglossum Hircinum) has up to 150 greenish- purple flowers which look like lizards, but the flowers have a strong, foul smell of goat.
The seeds are tiny, dust-like particles; each orchid can produce up to 1200 seeds per pod and the plant can have up to 50 pods per flower spike. It usually flowers only once, so my concern is probably completely unwarranted – but 60,000 potential new plants per flower.


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