Dumbo an octopus with elephant ears

Dumbo octopus dives deeper than any other cephalopod in the ocean.Usually they are found on the ocean floor at depths from 300-400 m but have been seen as far down as 7000m.

These deep-dwelling octopus swim by flapping their large fins shaped like elephant ears ears and/or by expansion and contraction of their webbed arms. They are graceful swimmers and capable of rapid escape when threatened.

Dumbo octopuses can grow to up to 20 centimeters in length,Dumbos swim by moving their fins, pulsing their webbed arms, pushing water through their funnel for jet propulsion, or all three at once. They can swim up off the bottom and hover a bit just above the seafloor looking for snails, worms, mollusks and other crustaceans. Those hovering above the bottom tend to eat copepods like themselves. They are unusual in that they mainly swallow prey whole.

Dumbo octopus
Family Opisthoteuthidae
Eggs are laid individually, attached to a plant or rock on the seabed. When laid the fry may be developed enough to hatch shortly after being laid. Since the ovaries of these octopus contain eggs at many different stages, implying that they lay continually.

photo 2 courtesy of Discovery.com





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