Frilled dragon flashed cape if upset

Frilled Lizard
The frilled lizard or the Dragon lizard is designed for climbing,with its large slender body, long tail. the tail makes up two thirds of the body length. It has a brightly colored frill or mantle that is held tightly against its shoulders and neck most of the time, but may be extended at times of courtship, if alarmed or to help regulate its body temperature. This lizard is colored like the habitat in which it lives so its skin has an earth grey or brown colored with irregular darker marks. It is sun loving. Lives in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Eats crickets, locusts, waxworms, and morios

They are usually active during the day and swiftly move on their two hind legs to catch prey or avoid harm.

Head and Body Length: to 28cm Total Overall Length: usually 70 cm but up to 95cm
They are not poisonous or harmful to man



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