Utah Wilderness share your picture and story

Do you have pictures and testimonials to share?
Simply put, most of us want to protect Utah’s wilderness because we care about the future of Utah’s amazing wild lands. In order to make that care and concern more visible, participants in the Utah based “Women Protecting Wilderness” project have been collecting short testimonials and pictures from people describing why wilderness matters to them. These testimonials are being turned into the “Wilderness Quilt” — a visually exciting, attention-grabbing exhibit comprised of over 100 photos and “testimonials” (transferred to fabric) — that will be displayed as a part of an outreach and wilderness education project at the Salt Lake City Main Library during the last two weeks of November.

So far we’ve collected more than 80 testimonials from Utah wilderness supporters all over the country. We need more to complete the display and would love your help!  Please take a moment, and submit a testimonial now.  (We welcome testimonials from men as well as women.)

Here’s what we need:
a 2-3 sentence statement (50 words or less) about why wilderness matters to you
a digital photo of yourself (preferably in a favorite natural landscape)
your name
a word or phrase that describes what you do in the world
the city and state where you live
Please send your picture and testimonial to deeda@suwa.org.

SUWA <deeda@suwa.org>

Image and text courtesy of deeda@suwa.org


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