Endangered Tanzanian Giant fruit Bat coming back!

” A giant bat with a wingspan up to 5.5 feet has made a comeback from the brink of extinction in Tanzania…

Numbers of the Pemba flying fox, a type of fruit bat, have risen to 22,000 since it was rated critically endangered two decades ago when “only a scant few individual fruit bats could be observed,” British-based Fauna and Flora International said.

A conservation drive helped the species recover. The bats were once considered a delicacy and were hunted and eaten throughout Pemba island, the bats’ only habitat, in the Zanzibar archipelago off Tanzania.”

Giant bat makes comeback in Tanzania excerpts from Reuters Science News Oct 30, 2008



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  1. natlaquarium said,

    November 3, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    This is great news for the species. At the National Aquarium in Baltimore, we have 5 fruit bats that are currently a part of our Animal Planet Australia: Wild Extremes exhibit. You can read all about them on our WATERlog. Keep up the great work!

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