Motherly love -Chimp takes care of tiger cubs

Motherly love knows no bounds. A very loving chimpanzee Anjana in Miami is daily caring for two month old tiger cubs taken away from their mother.cnn-chimptigercubs_20081111113121_3_320_240

When 3-year-old chimpanzee Anjana is not part of her daily shows at Jungle Island in Miami, she is backstage playing mommy with two tiger cubs named Mitra and Shiva. “She is very gentle and gives them her finger ( to suck on-Mother Nature comment) when they are crying,” said trainer China York. Anjana sees her trainer training the tiger cubs and she wants to do the same.

“It will go on until the cubs get too big and they start playing rough – Anjana’s reaction isn’t so funny…big teeth,” said York.

Both cubs and Anjana go home with their trainers every day. Anjana even sleeps in the same bed.

Anjana plays mommy to Mitra and Shiva -Roy Ramos November 11, 2008

image courtesy of  http://www.cnn-chimptigercubs_20081111113121_3_320_240.jpg



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