EPA Bless You for banning 100 new coal fire plants

In an historic move for anyone associated with US government today, EPA has banned the spread of 100 new coal fire plants across the US.266746582_db6a0a720e

It will be up to the Obama administration to issue any new permits to build new coal fire plants. “So with this decision, the appeals board ruled that the Bush administration had failed to offer a good reason for not regulating greenhouse-gas emissions from the proposed Bonanza plant. The board kicked the permit request back to the regional EPA office in Denver, saying it should reconsider whether the best available pollution controls for CO2 should be required, and stressing that it must adequately explain its decision. “This is an issue of national scope that has implications far beyond this individual permitting proceeding,” the board wrote.

According to Joan Spaulding of the Sierra Club this ruling gives the new administration a clean slate to build its new energy policies on. Joanne Spalding, the senior attorney at the Sierra Club who argued the case before the board. “It puts it back in the lap of an Obama EPA to determine how to treat greenhouse-gas emissions under the Clean Air Act, and it gives the opportunity to establish policies that will essentially favor clean energy and impose restrictions on fossil fuels that emit lots of greenhouse gases.”
Excerpts from  EPA board freezes construction of new coal-fired power plants in U.S.

– Kate Sheppard Grist November 14, 2008


YES WE CAN! -Thanks -Mother Nature

Image couresy of Flikr.com http://farm1.static.flickr.com/79/266746582_db6a0a720e.jpg


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