Increase solar efficiency and decrease upfront costs

Researchers have developed a new anti-reflective coating that boosts the efficiency of solar panels and allows sunlight to be absorbed from almost any angle. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute researchers say they’ve made advances in absorption of sunlight.artsolarfullset

“Scientists from the Future Chips Constellation (FCC) at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York have created a new coating using nanotechnology or making changes through engineering devices used on a molecular scale. Its solar cells absorb 96.21 per cent verses 66 per cent for the standard solar cells.”

“A typical untreated silicon solar cell absorbs just over two thirds of the sunlight it receives. But with the FCC’s nanoengineered coating, that figure rises to 96.21 percent these gains were researchers report that gains in absorption were consistent across the entire spectrum of sunlight.”

‘To get maximum efficiency when converting solar power into electricity, you want a solar panel that can absorb nearly every single photon of light, regardless of the sun’s position in the sky,’ said Rensselaer physics professor Shawn-Yu Lin, and head of the FCC research team. ‘Our new anti-reflective coating makes this possible.”…Each of seven tiny layersis 50 to 100 nanometers in height and the coating is made of silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide nanorods positioned at an oblique angle. ‘”(1)

California home owners catch a break from upfront installation costs
Renewable Funding is first creative financial program to allow solar energy to become affordable to the home and small business owner. CityFirst works with the city to front the cost of the solar project first and then the costs are passed on to the owner through their property tax billover a 20 year period. Renewable Funding for cities provides financing and administration for this solar program This innovative financing program, known as CityFIRST, overcomes the principal obstacle that has hindered widespread adoption of solar and energy efficiency projects by homeowners and small businesses without the upfront costs.

“With CityFIRST, owners can afford to install solar installations and major energy efficiency projects and pay for them over 20 years. If the property is subsequently sold, the repayment obligation transfer to the new owner.

CityFIRST is quickly gaining steam as a pillar of government and community based efforts to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Both California and Colorado have passed new state laws enabling any city or county to implement the CityFIRST program. Dozens of cities have announced an interest in replicating the program. ” Has your city?

“Renewable Funding is led by an experienced management team, including Cisco DeVries, Mimi Frusha, and Stephen Compagni Portis.”

1. New nano coating boosts solar efficiency – Matthew Knight  CNN.comNews   Nov 12, 208

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2. Homes and Businesses Go Solar With No Upfront Cost, Property Tax Bill November 13, 2008

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