Toad and snake deadly partnership

A story from ancient Indian warfare tells of the ultimate weapon of one king.poispn-frog He sent the most beautiful young woman from his personal harem to the opposing king as a peace offering. This young girl, however was no ordinary girl, but she had been fed poison from very early in her life. So the first night the enemy king tried to make love to her –with the very first kiss the king died.
Well, there is an nonpoisonous Asian snake that eats poison toads and stores the toads’ venom in its (snake’s) neck glands. When under attack, the snakes oozes the poisons from these neck glands and defends his position, This snake depends on a diet of toads for chemical defense.
Identical snakes of the same species without the borrowed toxins were more likely to turn and flee from danger than to hold their ground and perform a toxin-releasing defensive maneuver.

The odd couple- the relationship between an Asian snake The odd couple- the relationship between an Asian snake Rhabdophis tigrinus and the poisonous toad.

Although venomous, few deaths have been recorded. This is because the fangs are located in the back of the mouth, making a successful strike on a large object difficult. In addition, it seldom strikes generally prefers to flee when disturbed, or display passive defensive behaviors, such as a flattening of the neck and/or the body, arching the neck, or simply remaining immobile.[
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