Stealing Nature’s treasures takes many forms

The commonalities between thieves goes deep. Bush and Cheney and the trio  caught smuggling thousands of insects out of Peru today.

Both have a complete disregard for Mother Natures treasures. Motivated by money and total lack of respect for safe guards put in place to make certain our nation wildlife and land, sea, air and national parks are preserved for the generations to come,  they act with insight as deep as the width of a hair.

A trio of Two Russians and a Ukranian were caught smuggling 8,000 insects out of Lima, Peru this week and  Bush signs into law wide sweeping devastating changes that will take Obama many years to unravel.

Russians Boris Zhuravlev and Vladimir Vakhlalov and Ukrainian Serhiy Vashchenko told authorities they were taking the insects for their personal collections. The black market value for this “collection” could be as high as 150,000 dollars.

The difference between these two thieving groups is Bush does it legally in front of us and we only read about other country thieves. He acts for the best interest of big business with including mining, agriculture, pharmacy etc. These lobbies and his interests in them are driving his signing away our natural heritage in possible as many as 200 different ways.  If it saves money and time hang the environment.

Something has to change  to have a better over sight mechanisms in place so future heads of our country will not be allowed to destroy and pillage with constitutional approval.peru-butterfly-blue-morpho-insect-bg

This butterfly  symbolizes the beauty of Mother Nature’s treasures these “thieves” are taking from us all here and around the world-all for money.

Trio caught smuggling 8,000 insects out of Peru: police – Staff Writers
Lima (AFP) Dec 11, 2008
Image courtesy of Terra Daily


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