Soundscape created by fish – the new Mozart

An angel fish play the trumphet -a hammerhead shark playing the base in Mozart’s Fifth symphony?
It could happen in the sonification lab of Bruce Walker of Georgia Tech Institute.

Bruce Walker is involved in translating the movements of fish into music. The sounds that come out of his equipment sound like “New Age” version of Mozart , very lovely. Museums, science centers, zoos and aquariums are faced withtropical-fish
educating and entertaining all types of visitor
populations with varying physical and sensory needs.

Since this is a new area of research there are no working guidelines to help science facilities develop non-visual dynamic
exhibit information. In an effort
to make such informal learning environments (ILEs) more accessible to visually impaired visitors, the Georgia Tech
Accessible Aquarium Project is studying auditory display and sonification methods for use in exhibit interpretation.

Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) have improved facility access facilitate access for
people who use wheelchairs , but have not addressed equal access for the visually challenged to a variety of learning environments like science centers and zoos. In a nationwide survey 51% of visitors with hearing or physical impairments reported that less than one-
quarter of their exhibits were accessible to visitors with visionchallenges. Many individuals who had low or no vision report that they often do not attend ILEs because they are unable to appreciate the displays.

To listen to the fish music video at Yahoo News

Bruce details his  Soundscapemay experiments html



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