Yellowstone bison -give me a safe home

Travel Trip Yellowstone in Winter Bison are seen grazing on the front lawn of Gardiner Public School just outside the north entrance to Yellowstone. These animals need to go to school now to learn how to read “road” maps to get safely to winter grazing.

Finally after years of haggling,  State and federal officials in Bozeman, Montana have agreed to allow bison to migrate into parts of Montana from Yellowstone National Park. Hopefully this will slow the slaughter of bison  a a little. In the past few years over 3,000 healthy bison were senselessly slaughtered. This agreement is the first step towards protecting these animals from our American historical past. It should slow but not stop the annual slaughter of these gorgeous animals.

In the agreement  two areas next to Yellowstone are designated as wintering grounds for the bison. This ends a long-standing stalemate on that very issue. So some bison leaving the park could avoid a widely criticized slaughter program .

“This is a huge step in legally recognizing the bison’s right to be outside the park,” said Yellowstone Superintendent Suzanne Lewis.

More than 3,000 migrating bison have been slaughtered or shot by hunters in recent years, including 1,601 last winter alone. Bison straying beyond the two newly designated areas will be shot.

What happened to herding them back! – Mother Nature

This change was encouraged by a recent Government Accountability Office investigation that sharply criticized the federal government’s role in the bison slaughter.

Cattlemen do not like the changes changes in the slaughter program, and conservationists and bison advocacy groups think its inflexible.

About half the park’s bison carry brucellosis, which can cause pregnant animals to prematurely abort their young. After two infections in Montana cattle herds, federal officials earlier this year ordered cattle ranchers statewide to test and vaccinate all animals.without any cases of cross infection between cow and bison ever known to have existed..

The new wintering bison plan lets an unlimited number of bison stay on about 10,000 acres west of Yellowstone, in the Horse Butte area. The animals would not have to be tested for brucellosis.

North of the park, a smaller number of bison about 25 this year and possibly 100 in following years could pass through the privately held Royal Teton Ranch by way of a fenced corridor through the ranch leading to about 2,500 acres within the Gallatin National Forest. Those animals would be tested for brucellosis and equipped with radio collars to track their location.


Mont., fed gov’t loosen rules on Yellowstone bison
– MATTHEW BROWN, A P December 18, 2008.;_ylt=Ahb.AezYHM943eCRN0l1khoPLBIF


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