BLM turns down old growth forests & salmon preservation


The BLM Wopper plan ’08, will increase logging in old-growth forests. This swapping of increased logging money to the counties in Oregon is part of the Bush administration’s settlement of a lawsuit brought by the timber industry challenging the Northwest Forest Plan, which cut logging on federal lands in the Northwest more than 80 percent to protect old-growth-forest habitat for the northern spotted owl and salmon.

The Whopper represents the Bush administration’s last gasp at fulfilling promises to the timber industry to increase logging on federal lands. Besides increasing timber available to Oregon mills, the new logging plan is intended to restore federal timber payments to Oregon counties which have suffered since logging was cut back in the 1990s.

Most attempts to boost logging within the Northwest Forest Plan have been rejected by the courts. (Lets keep up this trend.)

Legal challenges are likely, and the plan cannot go forward without a critical habitat plan for the northern spotted owl. Conservation groups have sued to reject the latest owl-habitat plan, which was politically influenced by the Bush administration.


The Seattle Times Blogging December 30, 2008
Originally reported : BLM rejects protests to “Whopper” logging plan

-Jeff Barnard A P December 30, 2008..

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