Elephant’s New Year’s resolution

Elephants do.   Humans do it.   Dogs do it.

At the San Diego Zoo , the elephants have given up their treats and are “jogging” around their enclosures. Why you ask -to trim that old waist line down.

african-elephant2Seven elephants at the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park have lost a combined total of 11,314 pounds. A nutrition and exercise program has been in force for them since 2000.

Seems that a captive live is similar to humans becoming coach potatoes. It causes captive elephants to become overweight  when compared to wild cousins.

Zookeepers introduced a diet high in hay and stopped feeding them treats such as bread, corn and jelly beans. Instead of three big meals per day, they get several small meals. Zookeepers also scatter the food around the yard so the elephants have to work to find it.

They are not doing the Stairmaster yet, but the San Diego Zoo keepers have trained the elephants to walk laps around their enclosure. Elephants at the Wild Animal Park are also encouraged to walk across their 3-acre enclosure. Zoo workers rake the packed soil to simulate jogging on soft sand so the elephants have to stretch those muscles.

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