Endangered Gunnison sage grouse displays for love

The new year brings new opportunities to help our country and our communities

Gunnison Sage- grouse once lived throughout the the southwest, ranging from southwestern2sage-grouse-puffed_mt-wy-co Colorado and nearby southeastern Utah

New oil and gas drilling and development are endangering  the  sagebrush  steppe ecosystem.  Now, birds are also catching West Nile virus.

Gunnison sage grouse are known for our strut and our unique mating calls.  The listing was blocked by the Bush Administration.  It is now listed as one of the  Top 10 Endangered Species in the Endangered  Species recent report, “Without A Net.”

The critical threats to endangered species like habitat loss, global warming and political interference.



Image courtesy of

Video of display and to here their call: http://www.western.edu/bio/young/gunnsg/gunnison-grouse.htm


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