Listen to the Orcas before we kill them off

killer-whale-07“When the killer whales of Washington State’s Puget Sound began vanishing, a biologist had to get an earful from the U.S. Navy to pick up clues to the mystery. Using supersensitive microphones, Ken Balcomb has been eavesdropping on the region’s resident killer whales, also known as orcas. Unlike their transient brethren, these animals spend their entire lives in the sound.

Watch the Puget Sound orcas in action, and hear what the biologist and an expert at the Office of Naval Research have to say about sonar’s impacts on marine mammals.”1

Many factors that man has control of are effecting the health of these whales.2


1. Excerpts National Geographic:

1. Listen to the orcas courtesy of National Geographic
2. More information on orca health and research:
Image courtesy of

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