“Otterly” friendly -makes friends big and small

Orla the otter was rescued abandoned nearly frozen lying in the middle of a country baby_otter_12aroad by postman kindly Kenny Wilson. Kenny tried to simply move the baby otter to the side of the road, but this bundle of fur kept coming back to him. So with no adult otters in sight, Kenny decided to take the orphaned otter on his trip and back before handing his furry friend over to a local animal charity.

Wrapped in a blanket Kenny had a traveling companion for his 240-mile tour of the Highlands for a classic car rally and back.

“It slept away fine.”said Kenny

On their return he gave his new traveling amigo to a local animal shelter near his home. At its new home the gregarious little otter has made another best friend with Kevin the kitten. The two have become inseparable.

The kitten has trouble with his back legs so he will live probably live out its days at the shelter, but once Orla the Otter is recovered she will be released back into the wild.
So human contact is minimal to ensure her relocation is successfully. A local market has even agreed to pick up the bill for all the fish she eats every day during her recovery.

Her daily routine includes a breakfast of milk and trout, with a little time to play before, during and after mealtimes. Her bed is a furry hot water bottle cover turned inside out which she molds around her body to her liking.

“The otter was absolutely frozen and there was no evidence of the adult otters nearby. So I had no choice but to take it with me on a 240-mile tour of the Highlands for a classic car rally I was doing.

The animal center that will look after the otter cub for the next eight to ten months.

Just another way that people are helping people and animals make this world a little better –thanks Mother Nature.


Check out the Otter and kitten video courtesy of youtube.com and deadlinescotland.wordpress.com January 29, 2009.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuIOZ6jjgKc

http://deadlinescotland.wordpress.com abandoned-otter-makes-furry-friend

Stock image courtesy of http://cuteotters.com/BabyOtter


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