Pollution effects young Atlantic salmons’ gills making them unable to go back to ocean life

gillsYet another way run off into streams from industry and agriculture is polluting and dooming another animal -the young fresh water Atlantic salmon. The effects of aluminum pollution on young freshwater salmon can be seen in these black and white photos above-the gills on the right show how encrusted the gills become.

Why is this important?

Salmon’s ion exchange exchange mechanism begins in the gills. The exchange of the Na+-K+-ATPase in Atlantic salmon smolts (young salmon) and the changes in the alpha -mRNA and alpha -protein levels begin in the gills. Thus the salmon’s breathing and energy systems begin in the gills.biol_02_img0187

Canadian medical veterinarian Erlend Haugarvoll and his colleagues discovered in salmon gill a tissue extremely rich in immune cells. Salmon gills have extremely thin mucous membranes, and they absorb oxygen from the water while keeping out potentially damaging microbes. The fish are therefore dependent on good disease resistance in this organ.

Some fish immune cells contain the pigment melanin, which is the same substance that darkens the skin of people and animals. These cells have been called melanomacrophages and it has been assumed they play a central role in the defense of fish against microbes As a young salmon begins to gill_pic1swim from upriver to downstream when it is mature enough to return to the ocean the physiology of this fish changes to be able to breathe in salt water instead of fresh water to get the vital oxygen and metabolites needed to power its energy reserves and its metabolism. Without clean healthy gills the animal is doomed.


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Image 1. Northeast Fisheries Science Center nefsc.noaa.gov

Image 2. salmon gill image Courtesy of Biology Reference.com biologyreference.com//biol
Image 3. Chart courtesy of Animal Diversity.UMMZ,UMich animaldiversityfish/structfunct


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