Cheetahs running for their lives-can you run for them?

cheetah-closeup2They once stalked their prey across the Arabian sands, but these days the only place you will find a cheetah in this part of the world is behind bars explained Founder and Executive Director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), Dr Laurie Marker.

“Five years. We have five years to make a difference and put things in place, and then 10 to 20 years after that to try to stabilize the population. That’s it I don’t think people realize time is that short, not just for cheetahs but also for elephants, tigers, rhinos…” Laurie’s voice trails off, and she gestures at the opulent interior of Emirates Towers. “We’ve got the brains to build things like this, we have the brains to stop these animals dying out. We know what the solutions are, we just need to implement them. We humans are the problem, but we are also the solution.

All ages can join us. RUN FOR THE CHEETAH is sponsored by Cheetah .Org, and National Geographic who are inviting you, your family, office group and friends to


Image 1. Cheetah National Geographic

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