100,000 acres of pristine Utah Redrock Wilderness saved!

how-the-wests-energy-boom-could-threaten-drinking-water_11100,000 acres of beautiful Utah’s Redrock Wilderness by  Interior Secretary Salazar and Presisdent Obama and all od us that have helped make this a sweet win for us and posterity. The US government has cancels lease sales in Utah’s Redrock Wilderness Area. Let’s let  them know we appreciate their help and persistence.

In a stunning victory for our western wildlands, President Obama’s Interior Department has announced that it will cancel 77 oil and gas leases in Utah’s Redrock Wilderness. These leases were issued by the Bush administration during its final days in office. NRDC and our environmental partners challenged the giveaway in December, and succeeded in winning a temporary restraining order blocking the sale.

The Interior Department’s announcement means that more than 100,000 acres of Utah wilderness will be protected from oil and gas drilling, including lands next to Arches and Canyonlands national parks, Dinosaur National Monument, and Nine Mile Canyon. These pristine areas are rich in ancient rock art and other cultural artifacts.

The decision also signals that the Obama administration will likely be more willing to work to protect our last remaining wildlands. Let’s tell  them thanks.

Please send a message of thanks to the Interior Secretary Salazar and the Obama administration for putting our natural heritage before oil and gas profits.

Courtesy of NRDCOnline http://www.nrdconline.org/campaign/biogems_redrock_0209



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