Model cruelty -kill endangered animals for the sport of what?

Endangered bears baited and killed –
Children encouraged to hunt without proper trainingPolar bear hunting or being hunted?

How low can the hunting industry go?

The hunting industry has stooped an all time low. By pouring lots of money and advertising resources into a nationwide campaign to eliminate all minimum hunting ages for children and abolish the requirement that children pass a hunter safety class before they can hunt.

Who’s interests are they serving children, wildlife, society or their pocketbook?52bear

Modeling of good sportsmanship?

Polar bears are maybe in more danger from trophy hunters, who have brought more than 800 hides or heads into the country since 1994. We must protect these magnificent animals.

Captive hunts
Hand-raised, semi-tame animals including endangered species are shot in fenced enclosures which offer no hope of escape. Often called “game ranches” or “hunting preserves,” captive hunts are a large and growing business. You can help stop them.

Killing Contests
Contestants compete for prizes to see who can kill the most animals in a fixed period of time. The most common victims are prairie dogs, coyotes, and crows all of whom fill important ecological niches. Prairie-dog-killers often brag about their specialty shots, such as the “red mist,” in which the animal vanishes behind a spray of blood.

Internet hunting
Internet hunting allows so-called hunters to shoot animals from their desktops. Many states have banned the practice, and The HSUS is working on federal legislation to pull the plug on pay-per-view slaughter.


Wildlife officials estimate that for every wild animal killed legally about 120 million animals per year is killed illegally. Wildlife violators may “thrill kill” animals or participate in an underground poaching ring to make money.


Wildlife pens
Wild animals, usually foxes and coyotes, are stocked inside fenced enclosures to be repeatedly pursued by packs of dogs. The animals often meet a cruel end when torn apart by the dogs. Even in states where pens are illegal, animals may be trapped and shipped across state borders to be released in pens.

Caution this video contains graphic footage not suitable for young children or anyone with a sensitive stomach.

To find out how you can help the Human Society stop this cruelity to animals and keep these animals alive in the wild.


Excerpts and video courtesy of

Image 1. bear courtesy of nature’s

Image 2. bear courtesy of bear

Image 3, Gazelle being shoot only by a camera courtesy of National Geographic


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