Recovering the riperian brush rabbit will have a hoppy life


Dr. Patrick Kelly, California State University, Stanislaus is a US Fish and Wildlife Recovery Champion 2008 for his work conserving riparian brush rabbits.

Under his leadership and in spite of the Central Valley floods of 1997,  the riparian brush rabbits were considered extinct. Dr. Kelly’s  passionate commitment, total focus and expert leadership has saved this beautiful rabbit. His work entailed capturing animals for a propagation program, releasing them, health-checking the young, radio-collaring and tagging them, releasing them into the wild, and then monitoring them for survival, healthy reproduction, and habitat use.

Dr. Kelly has introduced riparian brush rabbits on the San Joaquin National Wildlife Refuge and adjacent private land. He has saved the riparian brush rabbit from the brink of extinction and transported it to the road to recovery.

The Recovery Champion award  recognizes the exceptional conservation accomplishments of its honorees and highlights the importance of strong and diverse partnerships in species conservation, Recovery Champions are helping imperiled species regain their place in the natural resources fabric of our country while focusing attention on the importance of conserving our nation’s biological heritage for future generations.

Working together to make the earth a better place for all of life.

Congratulations Dr. Kelly.

It will be a hoppier world for the riparian brush bunny to thrive in


Excerpts courtesy of

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Endangered Species Recovery Champion Awards in California.  March 23, 2009.
Image: Riparian brush bunny courtesy of


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