“Help the cheetahs to work out and stay buff”

Run cheetah run

Run cheetah run

Cheetah exercise machine not Bowflex but is great cardio workout

At the Cheetah Conservation Fund Nambia center the resident cheetahs need to exercise to keep their bodies strong and healthy. The system being used is similar to the system that greyhounds use on the race track. It is a bait and chase method.

The cheetahs are being tempted to chase a lure. The lure is made of soft weave t -shirt material that will tear if hooked with the cheetah’s dew claw. This minimizes the risk of damaging wrists or dew claws. The LURE system at Cheetah Conservation Fund Namibia, Africa is set up in very large enclosures. The course laid out in a big square roughly 260 meters long, but could be laid out any way to suit a particular enclosure. As many as five cheetah can exercise together successfully, in their pen.

The resident cheetahs are wild caught but are somewhat used to people. Some have been trained to take meat treats off a spoon on the end of a stick so we can retrieve the lure once they have caught it. They will chase the rag without the treat as an incentive, catching the rag being the main motivation for running! Changing the color of the rag and sometimes the layout of the course can revive flagging interest. The lure system also allows for a direction change by flipping the string.

The Cheetah Conservation Fund uses a lure system to exercise cheetahs. The purpose is to keep the cats fit and serves as a great education tool as visitors to the Research Center are able to see cheetahs in full flight, doing what they are designed for!

Can you help purchase all or part of the exercise equipment to keep the cheetahs running ?

Help the cheetahs stay fit ?

Thank you for your generosity.

Do not forget to Runforthecheetah 2010

For more information from Nature’s Crusaders’ library on cheetahs click.

Help the cheetahs today Cheetah.org. Thank you.

Excerpts and Image of cheetahs courtesy of Cheetah.org
How the Lure Exercise System Works at CCF

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